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excuses, excuses...

I'm going to blame my failure to complete orangina on all sorts of stuff, including it's too hot and there is too much going on. for reals, tho, I am going to finish tonight. I've only got an inch or two of the ribbing left. then it's off to the blocking board and then I'm so going to wear it. like every day, because it's so so pretty! but, speaking of ribbing, my tension is way funky... I'm not sure if it's because I keep starting and stopping at random times or what, but I am pretty hopeful that everything is going to block out just fine. are these "progress" photos getting depressing or what? I swear, this is really really the last one. (also, go floyd!)

and, I just want to say, DANG I got a lot of hits yesterday! I was like "wow! I'm so popular!" and I thought it was because people finally figured out how incredibly exciting this blog is, but it turns out that it is all largely due to a big mention of these sock blockers by tricotine on a couple knit lists. thanks for making me feel popular! also, welcome all you sexy knitters! I'm gonna get real sexy real soon - with my orangina! woohoo!

btw, it is really hard not to get up and dance around my office right now. it's friday and my sharona just came on the radio. just yesterday, they played lisa loeb's stay and I was singing along as quietly as I could because it is impossible to listen to that song and not sing along. but I was also trying to not offend my coworkers too much. is the reality bites soundtrack the greatest music collection of all time or what? or am I just getting old?

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  • Anonymous Jeanie says so:
    8:03 PM  

    Hola! Jeanie here from the SKC, stopping by to say hi and your Orangina looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished! Are you making Tempting II also? I'm still debating!

    Hope to see you at my blog! top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    12:07 AM  

    Lisa Loeb is still the best singer ever, and I LOVE the Reality Bites soundtrack, too!! Who knew Ethan Hawke could sorta sing? Thanks for telling me about your site. Your knitting puts mine to shame... top