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erik estrada ain't got nothin' on me

remember ponch? chips was one of my favorite shows growing up. my dad actually has some great super8 footage of my brother, me, and our friends riding our bikes around the neighborhood, with the chips theme song playing in the background. anyway, ponch was pretty awesome, but he wasn't made out of bamboo. but I decided to pay him a bit of homage anyway and name my latest FO poncherello (sorry for the awful pictures):
pattern: cool hemp ponchette
yarn: southwest trading company bamboo in black, 1.5 skeins
needles: crystal palace US9 straights
size after blocking: 15" x 48"
finished: august 6, 2006

notes: so easy! I really like this bamboo yarn - it knits up into a nice drapey, shiny fabric. it also blocked out really nicely and dried in just a few hours. oh, also, the row gauge in this yarn was quite a bit off from the hemp yarn the pattern called for, so I ended up doing a few extra repeats to get the right size. otherwise, there isn't much to say, really... just that it was easy and super fast and I am very happy with the finished product. I'll definitely be taking this with me to the wedding I'm going to this weekend. yay!

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  • Anonymous mel says so:
    1:33 PM  

    I totally know what you mean about selfish knitting. Plus, to be able to tell people, "Why yes, I did make this. Thanks for asking!" is more gratifying than handing off a gift and not knowing if it will one day be given away to Goodwill. I crocheted enough blankets as gifts to know that most of them are no longer being used. I'm all for selfish knitting!! top

  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    2:13 PM  

    dude, that came out gorgeous!! it's making me want to make one too!! =D top

  • Blogger Carrie K says so:
    2:40 PM  

    Ponch was my fave.

    Your ponchette looks great! But it would be a Cool Bamboo Ponchette now, right? ;) top

  • Blogger Operakatz says so:
    4:47 AM  

    Oh I loooooove that poncho...I keep meaning to try out bamboo yarn...good to hear it got a good review... top