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in the dark

I finally decided to take a break from my selfish knitting and get back to my guilt inflicted gift making. I'm getting close to finishing knitting the pieces (trying really hard not to think about the seaming... oh, god! the seaming!!!) for my friend's baby's first birthday present. I was a little unsure if I should mention what it is, but I have a feeling she hasn't been reading here, so I'm going to risk it.

I'm making these guys. so cute! and actually, they should have been done a long time ago, but they've all been sitting in a plastic bag, legless, for a while now. I decided to use what little knitting time I had last night to finally make bronty's head/neck, since he's been sitting around headless and legless for over a month. all both of the others have heads built right into their bodies and I'm sure he felt just a little self conscious about this. (which one of these is not like the others?)

so, I grab the neon green yarn for bronty, and there I am, happily knitting away (well, not so happily, because I stupidly decided to use my cheapo susan bates aluminum straights with sugar 'n' cream cotton madness and it is a really, really unpleasant experience) on the couch, watching frasier, when out of nowhere, the lights dim, the tv flickers and then it goes totally black. so now, I'm less happily knitting away, not watching frasier, in the dark, wondering how I'm going to finish when I can't read the pattern. then I remember that I have flashlights and candles and manage to get it finished. I even did my first three needle bind-off in the semi-dark!

I was quite excited to only have a bunch of legs left to do, so I decided to pull out all the dino pieces I'd already completed just to make sure I wasn't missing anything else. I realized, right then, that this was something I should have done before making the bronty head. because! I'm an idiot! bronty is blue, not green! I then succeeded in uttering several unladylike things and considered just letting him have a green head in a moment (just a moment this time) of laziness, then proceeded to rip that little green head apart in about 2 seconds. *sigh* I'll be making another bronty head tonight - in blue this time.

I'm sorry I have no pictures! I had thought that I could take pictures because, well, cameras operate on batteries and I could still take pictures! but then I realized that I probably needed light, too. then I thought, well, at least I can catch up on some blog reading because my computer also runs on batteries! yay! but then, wait... my wireless router needs power to give me internetiness.

what a disappointing evening. at least it's wednesday. the week is, thankfully, half over! hopefully tomorrow will bring less ranting and more raving. and not in the raving lunatic sense. because I do that everyday, regardless of what happens.

edited to add: what the heck is this?! why would a magazine publish a picture of a dog wearing a sweater and humping a pumpkin? there is something so dirty about this...

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    12:45 PM  

    ooh jess hutch toys! they'll be so cute =) top

  • Blogger scarletprincess says so:
    2:16 AM  

    The dinos are really cute! That dog doesn't really look happy about it's experience... like a first time porn star lol. top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    3:34 PM  

    hahahaha...that dog picture made me [quietly] crack up here in my cube, which right now is like a morgue because the office is sooo quiet! I love the knit dinos, though! Can't wait to see how yours turned out. top