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there and back in 48 hours flat

it was a whirlwind trip to boston this weekend for me. it was so fast, I can scarcely remember it. that could also be due to the non-sleep I managed to get on the way there and/or the open bar. whatever is impairing my already wounded memory doesn't really matter, I guess. I know I had fun, the weather was completely fabulous, the bride and groom were both radiant, there was laughing, there was crying, there was food, there was drink, there were good friends, and there was sock.I somehow managed to finish the first of two crooked cable socks (and feebly begin the second) I'm attempting to complete for my brother's fiancee's birthday gift. I need to concurrently complete my time machine to get this to her in time. I realize, though, that the longer it takes me to finish the socks, the farther back in time I'm going to have to travel, so this is a really tricky situation. I'll be seeing her labor day weekend, though, so I suppose that's my current deadline if I don't manage to get back to the beginning of august. it can be done. I am sure of it.

so I landed in boston at 7am on saturday morning, where I met up with tiffholio, who had valiantly flown in at 530am and slept in baggage claim while waiting for me. my brother, who lives in cambridge, picked us up and whisked us to a nice greasy breakfast at mike's city diner on the southside of boston. then it was back to his house to nap/knit/shower/get dressed/wait for our ride and then head off to the wedding.

inbetween the ceremony and reception, we had some time to kill and so a big group of us found ourselves being magnetically drawn to peet's to get ourselves caffeinated enough to make it through the reception. there, my friend elaine and I met the two sweetest, funniest, down to earthest, charmingest little old ladies who touted the glories of retirement and grandmotherhood. they were a blast to talk to and laugh with and it is too bad we don't actually live in boston, because it would be a hoot to join them the 5 days out of the week they spend chatting and sipping coffee and generally enjoying life down at peet's. later on, elaine and I would promise each other that we would be that cute and full of life and make young women giggle and look forward to their seventies and eighties when we got to be their age. meeting those two ladies was probably the highlight of my weekend. a close second was spending the night here:after a painfully sleepless redeye flight on top of a full day of partying in boston, sleeping for a solid 10 hours in this bed was indeed heavenly. I loved every tiny little moment of it, even though I don't technically remember it. I haven't slept 10 hours in one night since isa was born. mmm... sleep... oh how I miss you...

the next morning, as we checked out of the hotel, I realized that there was no way we were going to be able to grab lunch with my brother and make it to a yarn shop without missing my flight (for which I had to get to the airport 2-3 hours in advance). I was pretty bummed, but convinced myself I was going to survive, when, over lunch, my brother casually says "did I already mention this weekend is tax-free?" as in nothing has sales tax. nothing. all weekend. he says this a mere hour before we have to catch our flights! all the yarn in all of boston was tax-free! and I couldn't get to it! because of the terrorists! damn you, terrorists!! I tried not to sob outloud at the restaurant and instead chose to drown my sorrows over some dessert.

I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures... my mind was really in no place to be forming coherent thoughts and/or remember to take out my camera and it wasn't until today that I regretted not getting pictures of the cute little old ladies or the tasty ice cream or even my brother and his roommate's crazy huge 1400lb concrete argentinian barbeque oven thing that he built in their backyard. trust me, though. it was all very very exciting. and, hey, I guess I do remember a good amount of the weekend afterall. go figure.

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  • Blogger scarletprincess says so:
    1:58 AM  

    Wow I'd ahve been disappointed by the tax free no-yarn situateion, but it sounds like a fabulous weekend! top

  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    12:45 PM  

    oh so much fun!!! i miss boston! the bed looks so inviting.. mmmm.. zzz.. top

  • Blogger Irish Clover says so:
    12:30 PM  

    The socks look great! The hotel room also looks rather comfy and pretty. I hope you had a great time in Boston and my sympathies go to you since you couldn't buy tax free yarn! The horror! top

  • Blogger Carrie K says so:
    5:05 PM  

    Sounds like the perfect wedding. What's a wedding without a sock?

    Which look great, btw.

    That was just gratuitously cruel of your brother. I don't suppose you thought of just catching a later flight? Because tax free. top

  • Blogger BLACK DOG KNITS says so:
    1:53 PM  

    The socks are gorgeous - must learn to do toe-up. Shame about the tax free weekend. All that yarn... top