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doing my long weekend happy dance

I am so ready for the weekend. this was by far the most stressful week I've had at work. ever. this week managed to launch my job from it's usual "omg, I think I'm going to fall asleep in my coffee" level to a much more unpleasant "holy crap, I killed the company" level. ok, well, maybe not quite that extreme. but trust me. it was bad. so looking forward to the next three days.

the good news is that I have another FO! the bad news is that I totally just typed like 50 gajillion pages of bloginess (ok, maybe not that much) and mozilla crashed on me. I'm almost finished sobbing, so now I will try to remember what I just typed (which, for a normal person, should be easily remembered considering it was seriously like 2 minutes ago) even though it all completely escapes me at this moment.so here's my mom wearing her new fingerless glove thingies (goodness, look how normal sized her wrists look in comparison to my giant man-wrists). is there an actual name for these things? the glove things, not the man-wrists.

as you may or may not recall, the last time I was here, I was starting to get rather paranoid about the length of my yarn. thank the heavens above that I did not run out before I got these bad boys finished. but I was seriously sweating bullets by the time I got to the thumb. and it's a good thing these guys are fingerless, because, man, was this a nailbiter. I was left with a measly 8" when I finally bound off the thumb hole. oh, the relief that it wasn't -8"! you can see all that remained of the yarn after I wove in all the ends. whew.please pay no attention to the fact that one of the tops is bound off looser than the other. it's pretty obvious I was fairly tense doing the second one. I kept thinking "what if I bind off too loosely and then don't have enough for the thumb?? the horror!"
pattern: fetching from knitty summer '06
yarn: knitpicks andean silk in chocolate, one whole entire skein
needles: (susan bates??) us6 dpns
finished: august 30, 2006
notes: aside from the yarn substitution, I changed the pattern only by doing one less round in the hand part and one less after the final cable row. I also did a k4p1 bindoff in place of the picot bind off. this was all to save yarn. what a great call on my part. I'm so smart! pat on the back! yay me! and I guess I really didn't care for the picot bindoff anyway. oh, and I also didn't block them. oh well. anyhow, if we don't factor in the fact that I was constantly fretting over the yarn quantity, I really did enjoy this knit. it was super duper lightning fast and I love love love the end result! they're really cute and soft and cuddly and warm and my mom loves them, so they are definitely a winner.

I think this is the first time I finished a project and thought I could put it on my "definitely will knit again" list. which doesn't exist. but these are so easy and so fast and cute that I think I could be inclined to make a whole bunch in lots of colors and make a little pile of stand-by christmas gifts. ...or not... actually, I think I have better things to do. like sleep.

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  • Anonymous Carrie K says so:
    4:16 PM  

    Gauntlets, I think they're called.

    Killed the company? Uh oh! Sounds like you could use a few days off. top

  • Blogger jae says so:
    8:47 AM  

    cute cables on these, winter's comin. top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    5:13 PM  

    you are totally on a roll...BTW, your dinos are the best! If you were me, you would have had that Starsky sweater done yesterday! I, on the other hand, will probably finish by the time my nonexistent baby goes to college. top