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"lemme out! lemme out!"
"what's going on? I can't see! I can't move! is this a cruel joke?""hey! what are these? do we eat them?"
"oh... that's better. look at us! we can run and play!""whee!! goodbye, cruel world - we're moving to san diego!"

I made these little cuties for my friend's son's first birthday. they are much more loveable now that they're not in little pieces scattered around the couch in my family room, begging for me to sew them up. I managed to get them all stuffed and seamed last night, finally. I think the sheer desire to get these guys out of my life forever so I can work on something else is what motivated me to finish them as fast as possible. also, they're a week late.

pattern: xtreme-knitting dinos
yarn: lily sugar n cream in three blinding colors, probably less than 1/2 a skein for each dino
needles: susan bates us7 aluminum straights
finished: august 21, 2006

notes: this yarn was no fun to work with. especially with the susan bates! ugh! I thought I was going to burn a hole in my finger, it was so rough to knit. but it actually washed up a lot softer and makes for a good, durable feeling toy. the only modifications I made (except for the yarn substitution) was making the legs shorter on bronty and stegs. this was not really a design element so much as I was so sick of knitting legs, I thought I could make them shorter and finish them faster. I actually like the shorter legs better, though! I kind of wish I'd made them short on trice too. anyway, I'm happy with these guys and I'm hoping they'll make a little boy in san diego happy too.

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