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sweater, sale, seahawks, socks...

peapod is done! altho, it involved quite a bit of reworking. I wasn't happy with the pick-up stitch distribution of the collar, so I ended up frogging and reknitting it. I also was not very smart about seaming up the arm holes, but after a couple failed attempts, I think they came out quite well.
pattern: peapod from interweave knits, size 3mos (but blocked out closer to the 6mos size)
yarn: filati chicco, about 2 1/3 skeins
needles: knitpicks options us7 circular
finished: september 9, 2006
notes: this was an easy and fun knit! despite some difficulties getting started with the lace panel (due mostly to an inability to take my eyes off the tv), this went by really fast. the yarn was nice to work with - very soft and springy. I don't think I changed anything with the pattern, except for the yarn substitution. I got the buttons at joann's. they are little and wooden and perfect. I love the way this came out!

I think I'm probably going to make the hat, too, which I wasn't originally planning on doing, but I have quite a bit of yarn left over. what I don't have is the right size dpns...

too bad I didn't think about that while I was at the yarn sale on saturday. the lys in saratoga had their anniversary sale! conveniently the same weekend I had a wedding to attend just down the road. score one for me! unfortunately, I had just put myself on a "no new yarn" restriction since I've been buying things like what you see below. hello! how excited am I?! isa's first niners game!anyway, so, the sale. 25% off the whole store, including books, needles, bags, buttons... it was a good thing for my wallet that I brought a non-knitting fellow wedding attendee friend to keep an eye on me. not so good for my stash, but I think my stash has been spoiled enough as it is. my wallet certainly deserves some positive attention. so, yes! I was good! but you wouldn't expect me to actually go to the sale and walk away totally empty handed, would you? I don't have that kind of willpower, regardless of what kind of sale it is. I really did exercise quite a bit of restraint and left with just a pair of addis (which I actually need) and... my first koigu! because who can resist koigu! at 25% off! it is a wonder I only bought two skeins.it is a glorious day in a young woman's life when she acquires her first koigu. it was pretty agonizing trying to choose a colorway, though. seriously. so many pretties... I ended up picking this one because it's autumny and kind of reminds me of pumpkin pie, which is totally what I need for some just-for-me socks to keep me happy while I slave away on christmas gifts. I've been wanting make a pair of plain stockinette socks for myself and I think this is the perfect yarn for them. I'm thinking of maybe doing a simple, non-fussy, eyelet lace pattern at the cuff. maybe. we'll see when we get there. I am dying to cast these on. dying. unfortunately, I'm stuck at work.

and once again, yesterday, wendy and I managed to turn another knit night into a dying over cute stuff online night. also, an agonizing over which yarns wendy should use for her upcoming projects night. and, also, a "wendy, why are you such a nerd" night. wendy uses a spreadsheet for keeping track of which yarns she should use for which project, complete with prices, yardage, gauge, and fiber content for comparison. I totally laughed at her when I saw it. then, as we kept looking online for good yarn substitutions for her projects and I kept asking stuff like "wait, so how much yardage do you need for X?" and "what was the gauge you need for Y?" I realized that, while she is a big nerd, she is also really smart (is that redundant?) because, man. it really came in handy. and I'm just a little jealous.

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    11:38 AM  

    goodness... that's hilarious about wendy. she needs a knitting blog, serious.

    your peapod is VERY pretty!!! i like the color alot too. top

  • Anonymous sandra says so:
    12:09 PM  

    Peapod is irresistible. It is on my to do list - only to find proper baby! You did great knitting! top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    1:14 PM  

    i love the sweater. the leaf pattern looks sooo good!! i wish you were here to teach me your skills!

    have fun at the football game! boy, my two favorite cities facing off--who would i root for?! top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    2:01 PM  

    peapod is wonderful! (so is the koigu of course, perfect for fall!) top

  • Blogger scarletprincess says so:
    6:43 AM  

    aah... I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the armhole seaming is difficult. In fact the reason it hasn't been finished is because i gave up half way through seaming the second one! Other than that I loved knitting it :o| top