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breakfast of champions

I went to the store yesterday to buy a card for the wedding I'm going to tomorrow and left with the card and a package of soft batch cookies. remember these? they were available in great abundance when I was a kid, then disappeared for what seemed to be an eternity and have since made a comeback in recent years. I always thought they were the best cookies, but, seriously, they're not that great. are they? I got them for mainly nostalgic reasons. the best part of the purchase was the small talk the check-out boy felt obligated to engage in.

check-out boy: ooh... these are really good.
me: yup.
check-out boy: they're soft.
me: (yes... hence "soft batch") yup.

I think he wanted me to share them with him. he was caressing the cookies in a slightly disturbing way while he gazed longingly at them.

btw, cookies are great for breakfast. I feel awake already! which is rare for not even being lunchtime yet. it's as if they're packed with some sort of magical energy inducing substance. especially paired with my morning cup of coffee. this could totally be the new breakfast of champions. whee! go me! go cookies! we are the champions!

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