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putting the "no" back in quiznos

every morning, someone goes around the office with a menu and lets each of us choose what we'd like to order for lunch. how nice! we get free lunch here. the one and only perk of working in this place. anway. this is what I wanted for lunch.this is what I got. (yes, I am the girl taking pictures of my lunch and then drawing things on it with microsoft paint. no, I am not good at drawing and/or coloring with a mouse. or a pen, for that matter)
granted, "caesar salad" and "chicken and corn chowder" share a few of the same letters, but they don't really sound anything alike. then again, this is not a case of "oops we got your order wrong". no. it was a case of "oh, we were too busy. we just didn't have the time to shovel some lettuce into a plastic tray so we're just going to give you something entirely different and not at all what you ordered". uh, hello! wtf?! perhaps if I were someone who actually liked the taste of white meat or who wasn't trying to eat something somewhat healthy today, I wouldn't mind so much. but I am neither of those people. also, I have tomatoes (which I also don't like - am I the pickiest eater alive or what?) on my sandwich. so I am greatly irritated. ok. I'm done whining now. because, really, if these are the extent of my problems, I've actually got it way too good.in knitting news, the koigu sock (no pic! too boring!) is moving along, following one of those "I can't do simple calculations" moments where I started the heel much to early and had to rip back and add more foot rounds. I did make the peapod hat to go with the peapod sweater. I was a tiny bit confused with the directions when it came to when and where to start decreasing and might have been off by a row or two, which made the leaf panel look a bit wonky right where the decreases start. no biggy, tho. I think it's fine. it's ready for gifting, but I'm supposed to wait until the baby shower to give it to my friend. I've put it on a shelf for safe keeping for now, so I don't accidentally do any pre-emptive gift giving.

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  • Blogger Irish Clover says so:
    8:35 AM  

    Cute Hat! Your gift tag is adorable, too. You were right about the sweater going fast. After just a few hours, I've finished the right front and am knitting up the back. top

  • Anonymous mel says so:
    11:35 AM  

    man, you are so good. one friend JUSt had a baby, and another will have one early next year. i have to keep checking out your blog to get inspired to make them both something. i have to stop telling myself, "but they'll just grow out of this in a few months..." i knit one of them a baby blanket when she had her first kid a few years back. at least it takes longer to outgrow blankets. :) top

  • Anonymous mantopanda says so:
    11:39 PM  

    The hat is absolutely adorable, can I have one too. But I'm not a baby...is that okay? top

  • Blogger Ragan says so:
    4:37 PM  

    Cute hat (and matching sweater). Awwwww! top