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you know things are bad when...

I managed to catch something pretty awful this week, which makes it near impossible to eat, drink, think straight, sleep well or (this is how I know how bad things have gotten) knit! I ended up going home early yesterday to try and sleep it off, and when I woke up, I tried to eat something (unsuccessfully) and then I tried to watch some daytime tv (it has come to my realization that if you're going to be home in the daytime, you so need cable tv - there is seriously nothing good to watch in the middle of the day) and knit. I had high expectations. I'd gotten about half of the foot done on the first of my koigu socks the other night and thought that with my half a day to lounge around at home, I would certainly be able to at least get to the heel, right? sadly, no... after just a few rounds, I just didn't have the energy to continue. in hindsight, it was probably a good thing, as I'm sure I would have royally screwed up the heel with not being able to think straight and all.
at any rate, I just want to say that I looove koigu! I love it love it love it! I mean, besides the fantastic colorways, this stuff knits up like I never would have imagined. why did I wait so long to try it? how will I go back to the other sock yarns in my stash? is it laced with crack? it's really hard to stop myself from eating it while I knit. it is pure deliciousness. anyhow, I decided to do these on us0s, for a nice dense fabric and, oh my goodness, it is so soft and buttery and yummy... mmm... don't you think koigu must have some kind of healing power? maybe if I just hold it against my face long enough, it'll help all the sick go away...

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  • Anonymous mel says so:
    12:32 PM  

    what size needle are you using? i can't imagine making anything with a needle smaller than a size 8. :) i've done work with a size 5, but i don't prefer it. :P top

  • Anonymous sumiko says so:
    7:26 PM  

    feel better soon sooz! you didn't eat any spinach salad recently i hope! ;) top

  • Blogger scarletprincess says so:
    3:01 AM  

    Hope you feel better soon. Illnesses that don't allow you to knit just aren't worth having ;o) top

  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    4:37 PM  

    sorry to hear about you being sick. =( but good to hear that you discovered koigu. i just started knitting with it for the first time this month too (trying out a new sock pattern) and i agree, it MUST be laced with crack. seriously, i love this stuff.
    p.s. daytime tv = i recently rented out the Grey's Anatomy DVDs so i'll be all caught up for next thursday night. it's PERFECT sock knitting TV. =) top

  • Blogger Operakatz says so:
    12:29 AM  

    Koiguuuuuuu good for what ails ya...sorry you weren't feeling well...beware...Koigu is a gateway drug yarn LOL top

  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    6:38 PM  

    weeeeeee.. it's beautiful! :) top