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socktober is here!

another month has managed to sneak up on me without my noticing. the weather has taken a fall-like turn, which might have tipped me off if I'd been paying attention. I love the fall, even in the not so fall like fall that we get 'round these parts. sometimes I miss living in a place where there is an actual fall, but then I remember that an actual fall usually quickly turns into an actual winter, which I am really not fond of. altho, as I've been getting older, I'm finding I like the cold a lot more that I used to. maybe, one day, I might actually like snow - the horror!

anyway! it's socktober! and I didn't even realize it until today. I spent last night knitting away at the big one (which is growing at a leisurely, but acceptable pace - I've gotten almost 12" of back done) instead of my many socks! what was I thinking? a whole night of sock knitting was missed. *sigh* I think I was just sad that I drove all the way to alameda yesterday, where yet another lys is closing (what is going on here?) and liquidating all their stock, only to find that they stopped being open on sundays (notice that is not what it says on the website)! needless to say, I was pretty bummed. there is a good chance I will head up there on thursday again, tho, after I take isa to her 18 month well check. I'm thinking about taking off that whole day. I normally feel like I need at least a day to recover after having to endure holding down my screaming baby while she get stabbed repeatedly by the nurse. four shots again this time. faint! I need to start doing my deep breathing exercises to prepare myself.

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