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I stumbled across this today:
october is not only socktober, it's also breast cancer awareness month. I'm a little bummed I didn't read about think pink earlier, since the deadline is the 15th, which doesn't leave me much time to knit! I'm going to try to get one scarf done, though.

I lost my grandmother to breast cancer when I was nine, when I was too young to really understand what was going on. I only have wonderful memories of her. she was so warm and loving and eternally upbeat, even in her last days. she was always smiling and laughing... maybe that's why I never really realized what a terrible disease she had. I still think of her often, and though the memories as faint, I feel like she left a big imprint on my life. and a selfish part of me wishes I could have known her in my adult life just cuz I feel like we would have had so much fun and that I could have learned so much from her. she was a knitter! actually, I vaguely remember her trying to teach me, but I think I was too uninterested at the time. I had asked her to knit a sweater for my cabbage patch kid and she tried to teach me to knit it myself. I was probably too busy climbing the cherry tree in her yard or fighting with my brother at the time.

so, as a tribute to my dear grandma, I'm going to have to let socktober wait a while so I can do some pink thinking. anyone want to think pink along with me?

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