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please, use your imagination

I haven't taken a single picture all week. and it's not that I don't actually have anything to show, because there has been knitting. really. I'm not sure why there hasn't been any picture taking, except perhaps for typical rainy day laziness. then again, it hasn't even been that rainy. just rainy enough to get my car from really dirty to really really dirty looking. I contemplated a car wash, but then decided that it would be futile, since it is only going to rain again. plus, the laziness.

anyway, I ended up taking yesterday off, just like I'd plotted, and made my way down to the soon to be closed lys in alameda (sob! whyyy??) with a friend and her super cute baby. this time, thankfully, they were actually open. and, also thankfully, everything on the store was on sale, just as I'd been told. 25% off of everything! there is actually quite a bit of stuff left - lots of rowan - which is good, since they're not planning on closing until november. sadly, though, there was no more koigu. I did manage to find some pink yarn for the think pink scarf and some totally unneeded sock yarn for more socks that may or may not ever be made.

after rummaging through the entire store several times, we realized we were just minutes away from sushi house (some of the best sushi you can get in these parts) and decided to head there for lunch, where we managed to just about finish an entire sushi house boat. yummm!

then I spent pretty much the entire evening knitting the think pink scarf. more accurately, though, it was more like knitting and ripping and then knitting and ripping and then knitting and ripping again. I just couldn't figure out a stitch pattern I was truly happy with. also, the yarn is a little weird. it's super soft, but it seems like it's a thick piece of nylon with a bunch of wool fluff just wrapped around it. and you can't really tell until you start knitting. the yarn is currently sitting in a pile on the couch at home, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. I think I'm going to do this. but we'll see!

potomotos are also getting a little bit of love. I've got about two repeats done on the leg (which really isn't much, when I think about it). the slowness is most likely due to the season premiere of lost, during which I mostly sat on the couch clutching the not-yet-a-sock a little too tightly (good thing I don't use wooden needles, as I'm sure I'd have snapped one within the first 5 minutes of the show) in my sweaty little hands while my heart pounded and my head spun and I yelled "what?! WHAT?!! what the... what???!!" at the tv. anyway... soon, I'm sure I will have 3 complete socks and not one complete pair. I must be the worst socktoberfest participant ever.

I feel bad for the no pictures all week... so... in the spirit of oktoberfest, here is a picture of isa with my friend, dean, during last year's superbowl. cheers!

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