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pictures! of actual stuff!

I realize there has been quite the shortage of photos on this blog as of late. I'm making up for that now, tho! I spent a good part of my free time this weekend knitting a last minute think pink scarf. I had a little help, too.

I think I now know why people advise against employing child labor. by the end of the day, this is how my little "helper" looked. where are her pants? why is she only wearing one sock?

the good news is that the scarf did get finished! it's now on it's way to sydney in virginia.

I realize it looks like it's more white than pink, but it really is a very lovely pale pink.

my so called scarf by sheep in the city
yarn: rowan little big wool, color 501 (pale pink), about 2 and 1/3 balls
needles: us13 clover bamboo straights
finished: october 8, 2006

notes: I ended up only casting on 20 stitches, instead of the 30 called for in the pattern. I also used little big wool instead of the manos. but, really, it's a scarf, so I guess none of those changes really matter all that much. it was actually a faster knit than I'd originally anticipated. I'm sure the huge needles helped. at first, I thought that the stitch pattern was a bit complicated, but after a couple rows, it all seemed to flow rather nicely and I managed to crank this out in two nights. it's snuggly soft and warm! I hope that it warms the heart of it's eventual recipient. I really like the look of this scarf and I think I might make another for myself!

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  • Anonymous aija says so:
    12:30 PM  

    Your little one is so cute! I love the scarf, I've made no in variegated wool but the solid looks great... I may make one as a gift in some solid grey wool I have. Thanks for the inspiration! top

  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    3:20 PM  

    she's such a cutie!!
    oh btw, i saw dean and peggy in SD this weekend at a wedding. this world is so small, it's imploding! =D top