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it was a dark and stormy night

ok, not literally. the weather has actually been quite nice. but it was a long night for everyone in the insaknitty house last night. no need to go into gruesome details, but lets just leave it at there was not quite the amount of sleeping that some people are accustomed to.

also, I totally screwed up on the potomoto heel! well, not the actual heel part. I thought I was smart enough to not need to use the chart for the instep, but apparently, I wasn't. so I need to tink back about 6 rounds, which I gave up on around 1030 last night. one of these days, hopefully before socktober ends, I will have a completed sock. see how quickly my expectations are dropping? at first I thought I could finish all three unfinished pairs of socks I've started for myself in the last few months, then I thought I'd be happy with just one pair, and now I feel like I'd be happy with just the one pomotomo. it really is turning out to be quite pretty. no pictures, though, since it doesn't look that much different from the last pic I took, except that there is now an incorrect instep attached to it. please note that there would have been a whole lot more knitting if I had not been camping this weekend. so I am not a total slacker! just a partial one.

hey, so has anyone else out there tried out moo.com? they were giving away 10 of their little photo cards for free to flickr users a few weeks back. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and I just have to say that they are super super cute! they're really small, about 1" by 2.75" and come with this cute little holder thing. check it out! go get some! fun for everyone! (no they're not paying me to say this, but maybe they'll give me some more cards for free. heehee.)

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