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half empty?

how sad is this? my sock yarn stash barely fills half of this ziploc bag. I think I can do better than half empty. which is precisely why I felt I had to go and get me some of this socky goodness.
every little bit counts, right? and this stuff is so yum! it's soft and pretty and mmm mmm good... also, hello super crazy long yardage! what a great way to round out a totally not so productive socktober. I mean, I've got to stock up for next year. yeah. that's it. next year.
also, the other night, my mom dug out this box of china-yarn that someone had given my aunt and somehow got stored away in my mom's closet over 10 years ago! score one for me! it says it's "high quality hand knitting yarn". and believe me, nothing says high quality like an upside-down G.here's a close-up of one of the skeins. my limited chinese reading abilities (aka on the verge of illiteracy) tells me that this stuff is from the 19th shanghai fiber something... factory, maybe? I guess it doesn't really matter. apparently, it's 100% wool and seems really similar to dale of norway baby ull, both in texture and weight. there are ten 50g skeins in the box along with what appears to be washing instructions (handwash only, it seems). I should get a picture of that next time - it's pretty amusing.

anyway, I wonder if this stuff is dyeable. my mom said something about it being "moth-proof". what does that mean? has it been treated with something that might prevent it from being dyed? I have no idea! but looking at all that off-white yarn just makes me want to dye.

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    11:09 AM  

    soozan! noooo.. half full! half full! half of a biiiiiiiig baaaaag! hahahaha. ooo.. how fun finding yarn! hehe. top