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only another knitter would understand...

...if I were walking down the street with my feet looking like this:
so, does this count as a pair of socks? how do you people do it? how can you make two of the exact same thing, out of the exact same yarn, one right after the other, without going crazy?? (look how I say this like I've never been able to complete a pair of socks... weird how different it is when I know I can't give someone just one sock as a birthday gift.)

I know I said that I was going to finish either the thuja or the koigu socks this week, but now I'm thinking maybe I should just start on another pair. (haha! I said pair! who am I kidding? y'all know I really mean just one, right?) a new pattern in a new yarn! not very deep down at all - actually, right out in the open where everyone can see - it's what I really want. I mean, seriously... matching socks are so overrated, aren't they? how could koigu on one foot and cherry tree hill on the other not be totally sexy? is anyone else with me on this?

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  • Blogger Stilaholic Nartian knits says so:
    11:46 AM  

    Nice socks! I have the CTH supersock in Turquoise too. Such a lovely, lovely color.

    Pssst, the Pea Pod hat does have an editing error. The leaf lace panel is supposed to be centered between the decreases. I asked both IK & Kate Gilbert, but I don't know if IK ever printed the correction. top

  • Blogger Trish says so:
    12:39 PM  

    I like the "pair of socks" but the mismatched shoes are really bothering me. :) top

  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    1:29 PM  

    your socks always come out looking so pretty!! i am totally ok with the "mismatch", both socks and shoes (btw, your shoes are super cute too) =) top

  • Blogger scarletprincess says so:
    10:57 AM  

    I love those socks you have made an totally have the same problem actually making a wearable pair! I LOVE your shoes btw ;o) top

  • Blogger aija says so:
    11:22 AM  

    I think they look great, shoes and all! :) top

  • Blogger Irish Clover says so:
    11:53 AM  

    I have to ask. What does the rest of your outfit look like??? I'm game for missed matched socks. Honestly, I wear them with jeans, so they probably wouldn't get noticed except by knitters who would understand. Great job on the pomo! top

  • Blogger knittingphilistine says so:
    12:30 PM  

    Hi! I am the other knitter who understands... I have *just* fallen into the same trap! One pomatomus finished, one hedera begun! I couldn't imagine casting on my other pomatomus right away (I just finished my first one, too).

    Lovely pomatomus, btw. top

  • Blogger JulieFrick says so:
    12:17 PM  

    Please, please, please tell me what those brown shoes are. Must. Have. Them. top

  • Blogger  says so:
    7:40 PM  

    I am with Julie. Those brown shoes are hot. I need some.

    I walk around with my jeans rolled up in the middle of winter (on the east coast) just so people have to look at my socks.

    Although, I think I'm a sock-knitting anomaly. Not only do I love to knit both socks, but I love doing them one at a time, on DPNs. Grafting toes is one of my favorites too. :) top