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a girl can dream

I had another weird dream last night... I was going to someone's wedding somewhere far away and, being a light traveler, just grabbed my backpack and hopped into my dad's car and let him drop me off at the airport. then, after checking in, I realized that I had nothing I needed in my backpack. but then I also thought, well, I'm getting there so early, I'll have time to just buy a new dress and some shoes before the wedding. and I could buy a new toothbrush and anything else I'd need too. but I still didn't feel quite right about it. why? because I didn't have any knitting with me. so I actually changed my flight to a later time, incurring a charge, and called my dad to come back to get me so I could go back home and pick up some knitting. I didn't stay asleep long enough to know whether or not I actually got my knitting (or what project I was working on), or whether I made it to the wedding in time. usually my knitting dreams are quite euphoric, but this one was kind of panicked. maybe because it was more about the absence of knitting than actual knitting.

but what is the meaning of this dream? I'll tell you what it is. airports need to have yarn stores, so when forgetful travelers leave their knitting at home, they don't have to change their flights and call their dads to pick them up because they can start a new project right then and there. and all the yarn should be duty free.

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  • Anonymous mel says so:
    9:40 AM  

    airports should not only have knitting stores--they should have knitting LOUNGES where people can sit comfortably and gab with other knitters. :) top

  • Blogger Deborah says so:
    3:40 AM  

    We should all get together and pitch Mel's idea! top

  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    4:36 PM  

    omg how stressful! awesome dream! heehee :) top