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happy wednesday! (for lack of a better title)

this morning, I noticed that the clock on my coffee maker was wrong. I must have forgotten to reset it after the power went out last time. I don't really use the timer, but now that I knew it was wrong, it was going to bug me, so I decided to reset it. not five seconds after I do, the power goes out. yes. it is going to be that kind of day.

it's been a while since I last posted, hasn't it? what's happened since then...? oh, right. friday night, I taught a friend to knit! she picked it up pretty quickly, too. it was a glorious occasion... especially because after she went home, she stayed up until 1am knitting. haha! she claims she's already addicted, which makes me giddy like nothing else. her husband is not quite as thrilled. I think he already resents me for introducing her to my not-so-affordable hair stylist and apparently he's a little wary of this new, expensive habit that seems to be developing. altho, he's happy she's happy. heehee. and now I (potentially) have a local knitting friend! she lives only 10 minutes away, so I'm already daydreaming about sitting around and knitting and chatting all the time... whee!

speaking of sitting around and knitting, busy schedules and other responsibilities have been getting in the way of me and hurry-up-and-get-a-blog wendy having our knitting dates lately. but monday night, we were both able to get away for a few hours and get in some good knitting time. I managed to finish this guy here:

this is the new free pattern from interweave. it's called the flip-top mitten, by debbie bliss. mine was made out of some tasty artyarns supermerino. honestly, I wasn't too pleased with the construction. it's knit flat and then seamed and the pattern doesn't tell you to do any kind of edging on the slit. I did a few rows of k1p1 ribbing so that it wouldn't curl. but by last night, I'd decided that I wasn't happy enough with the mitt to continue on to mitt #2. I also thought, why waste time actually ripping and winding the yarn when I can just knit straight from the mitt to make a new mitt? which is just what I did. laziness always seems to prevail around these parts.

this is the humble beginnings of urban necessity from magknits and the rapid demise of the flip-top mitten. I actually only have one more finger left to do on the urban necessity and I imagine I'll be able to finish it and start #2 tonight. I really should finish these soon, since I've got that nakniswemo thing that I've been neglecting... and that whole christmas gift thing...

to distract myself from the fact that I might be missing those christmas gift deadlines, I will look at this picture I took while driving (bad susan!) of the new herd of goats down the street from my house. where did these guys come from? they're on a hill on the side of the freeway in a very non-rural place (even tho it kind of looks rural in this pic). they don't seem to be bothered by all the cars whizzing by, tho, so I guess they must be having a good time. hi, goats!

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    12:27 PM  

    i hear that sometimes people hire goats to eat/clean out an area of brush/grass. but that's so funny that you past by a whole bunch of goats, so close to the highway! they must have either 1) looked so cute or 2) made the highway smell interesting. haha! top

  • Blogger Stilaholic Nartian knits says so:
    12:58 PM  

    I'm assuming that's Oakland Zoo or the property(ies?) next to it as they use the goats yearly to "mow" the grass. They less likely to start a grass fire unlike machine mowers (engine sparks), can access really steep areas mowers can't get to, and they're eco-friendly!

    Nice to know about that mitten pattern. Debbie Bliss likes finishing (aka seaming) a tad too much. I think I'll skip it. top

  • Blogger insaknitty says so:
    2:32 PM  

    stilaholic, it's actually in fremont, at the washington exit off 680 south... a very random patch of grass, actually. but the goats as lawnmowers thing makes sense! I hope they're not just temporary, since they're so cute to look at, even if it's just for 2 seconds while I speed by. :) top

  • Blogger Irish Clover says so:
    11:42 AM  

    Great job on the mittens! They look awesome! Plus, I love your answers to the 48 questions. I'm right there with you in believing coffee is a food. top