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better late than never, right?

although, that doesn't really make any sense in this case. since it's not like there was some sort of hard deadline I was trying to meet for socktoberfest. maybe we'll just call this one the hangover.
this is one jaywalker (knit with fleece artist merino sock), ready to join my one pomo. and my one thuja. and my one koigu sock. at least I have an even number of socks now. which is like two pairs. which is three more socks than I had in september. so, there! never mind that none of them match and it's now november third.

can you believe it's november? I even got my 2008 tags for my car in the mail yesterday. it felt so weird putting them on my license plate, since 2008 seems really far away. like soo faaar... but then we get another olympics! and another president! so woohoo for that!

anyhow, speaking of november, I've decided to participate in nakniswemo, which is short for national knit a sweater month (or something like that). the idea is that you knit a whole sweater in november, which is just what I'm hoping to do with my brother's christmas gift (fingers crossed). I don't think it's cheating if I'd already had a tiny bit of it knitted already, does it? not like I really think I'll be disqualified or anything. ... right?
I've also joined the phildar swing jacket kal, which should be fun. I mean, look how cute it is! it would actually be more fun if I really thought I'd be able to knit the thing before the warm weather comes back. judging from the christmas gifts and what-not I have in que, it's looking pretty unlikely that I'll get further than a gauge swatch on that any time soon. but a girl can dream, can't she? please say yes.

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  • Anonymous mel says so:
    11:00 AM  

    that jacket is ReALLY cute! be ambitious and go for it! top