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and by "proof" I mean photographic evidence. look! I really have been knitting.
here's that glove I knit that's too tight in the palm. you can kind of tell where the stitches are pulling toward the thumb area. I haven't frogged it yet, but I did start the left glove, complete with gusset. and, as far as I can tell, it's going to fit great! I'm going to try and finish it tonight or tomorrow. and then the right one will get frogged and reknit to match. at least I hope they match, since I think my note taking was a little, um, not so good.
and here is the sprial/snail/dairy queen hat from the opinionated knitter. I and really loving this knit! it's my first ez knit and, good lord, is it ingenious! I'm using some lamb's pride bulky and hoping this comes out toddler sized with it's smaller gauge. so far, it's looking good. plus, it's way fun to knit!

so I spent the majority of last night folding laundry that I've been neglecting for at least a month. some stuff was so wrinkled that I felt like I'd have to wash it again if I actually planned on wearing it in public. some stuff I actually forgot I owned. and a few things seem to have gone out of style since the last time I saw them. or maybe it was out of style long ago, but I just realized it now. I suppose this is a reminder that I should fold my laundry when I actually pull it out of the dryer. and it's just a little alarming that so many items went unworn for so long and I didn't have to go au naturale in the meantime.

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    6:10 PM  

    you took those pictures at work didn't you??? lucky you, not many can say they can knit at work ;) top