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stranger gifts

I saw this article today about why people don't like gifts they get from friends and family. it opens by saying: Here's how to buy your loved ones gifts they'll really like: Pretend they're strangers.

fantastic idea! I don't buy presents for strangers. christmas shopping: done! but, apparently, my mom thinks I'm having a tough time deciding what to get her. we had this exchange earlier this morning:

mom: did you get me a christmas gift yet?
me: uh...
mom: I just went shopping last night and bought some clothes! you can give me those.
mom: they weren't that expensive.

anyway! so. my mom's gift (the one I decided to make without consulting her) is growing. it should be done soon! (my boss totally walked in right when I was snapping this photo. haha! yes, I'm knitting at work again...) I'm a teensy bit scared that this isn't going to felt to the size I expect it to... I've swatched and felted this yarn before, but in another color, several months ago. I hope my remember the measurements correctly, because it would be really sad if it didn't work out right! fingers crossed!

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