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why does everything look like poo around here?

damn that wendy... I finished reading the book she lent me last night. or this morning. whatever you want to call it. nothing like a good chick flick packaged as a book! wendy says that they're making a movie out of it, starring kate hudson. I'm having a really hard time imagining kate with a british accent, but whatever. it was fun!

so, my aunt received the gloves yesterday! she loves them! yay! I'm so happy. I wasn't sure about the fit, the color, the whatever... but she was so excited, so I'm so excited... and hooray! a happy gift recipient makes for a happy gift giver.

as for mr sweater... well, he's coming along. I finished the back (it's really about time, isn't it? sorry for the way too dark picture... I should've turned on a light or something) the other night. I know, somewhere, deep, deep down inside, somewhere, there is the motivation to charge onward and crank out the remaining 50 million pieces (ok, four) sometime in the near future. sometime. somewhere. in the meantime, this is what my brother's getting along with the sweater back for christmas:

this is kind of like in college, when you're up against finals and you know you need to study, so you do your laundry and clean your bathroom, just to avoid looking at your books. you convince yourself that these things are of the utmost importance and need to be done. like right. now. which is why I have this sitting on my desk today:

uh. no... that's not the sweater. I can't let christmas go by without presenting my mom with a handknit gift, can I? poor mom carries her lunch in a ratty paper shopping bag back and forth to work every day, so when I saw this on knitty, I decided she must have one! I'm not actually following the pattern, though... just the idea. above are the beginnings of the mom-lunch-bag-felted-thing. fingers are crossed (big time) that it will felt to the dimensions desired.

so, like me, you're probably thinking, what is up with all the brown these days? I don't know! I don't know what it is... I used to really dispise brown and all things related (like anything earthy toned, all the way from dark brown to off-white), but, for some unknown reason, I'm really really digging the brown these days. big time. maybe because it's the color of chocolate? of coffee? dirt roads? whatever it is, I am obsessed with the brown. sorry for the absence of things not colored like poo, but I don't think it's going away any time soon. more poo to come! whee!!

ps. don't you hate it when you've got a zippered fleece jacket draped over your lap because it's so cold in here and then you drop something on the floor, so you have to bend over to get it, but then kind of slip and your knee lands right on the zipper pull and it startles (and hurts!) you so you kind of jerk and then smack your head on the bottom of your desk? yeah. me too.

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