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q: what's cuter than a teeny little baby sock?

a: not much. well, except maybe two baby socks. we'll be getting there soon. these will be for my friend's not-yet-born baby. eee! can't wait!

unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot to say today, except that it's officially my bloggiversary! where did the time go? has it really been a year since I started this thing here? it's really rather mind-boggling, considering the whole knitblog (actually, the whole entire knitternet) world was still uncharted territory for me. I hadn't heard of the harlot, I didn't know what a kal was, or this whole knitty business... it was all so exciting and new, like the loveboat, except not as much kissing and a lot more yarn. it's been a good year and I'm happy to be where I am - at least knitternetterly. and I hope to have interesting things to say and show in my sophomore year of knitblogging, since I'm really at a loss today. I'm going to stop myself now, lest I ramble more than necessary. cheers!

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  • Anonymous ruth says so:
    4:29 PM  

    oooh cute! are those little cables? the color is really great too. and i couldn't help but notice some really cute fabrics behind the sock... a cute bag? =) top

  • Blogger  says so:
    9:03 PM  

    They ARE cute! I love baby socks and booties. :) top