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ignorance is bliss!

it's always a weird situation when you find yourself trying to squeeze into the same aisle at target as two guys who are trying to choose the "best" brand of condoms while you try and find the tampons you need. especially when they are really seriously discussing the pros and cons of each brand. it was really a conversation I didn't need to overhear. it made me think that maybe they need to move the condom section to someplace more appropriate; someplace where I can't hear these discussions. like... men's underwear.

anyway, I spent exponentially more of this past weekend cleaning and organizing than I did actually knitting. whee! I got some new furniture for isa's room and got rid of some of the old furniture. between the two of us, we have a lot of stuff. it's really kind of alarming, considering she isn't even two yet. I keep telling myself that, one weekend, I'm just going to hand isa over to my parents and spend two days weeding through all our junk and purging the house. but then I realize that it's going to take a lot longer than one weekend and the thought of having to live with the mess of a half-purged/half-organized house in between weekends is enough to make me just forget the whole idea. I tell myself that I seem to be functioning ok with the way things are now, so I'll just deal with it the next time I move. haha. I say that every time I move and then I just end up lugging all those boxes of unsorted I-wonder-what's-in-that-box stuff to the new place, where it sits until I pick it up and move it again to another new place. I think I have boxes (of who knows what) that are still taped up from when I moved back from college. anyhow, it's a new year, so maybe it's time I really did make good on my promises to myself to really clean up around here. we'll see how that goes...!

so! I'm gearing up to knit wicked for the skc! I have yet to actually participate in one of the skc kals, but I think this is the one! this is a stashbusting effort on my part... I bought six balls of karabella aurora 8 to make the spiral capelet (is that what it's called?) from wrap style, but then started to question whether or not I'd actually wear it and whether or not the yarn was actually suited for the pattern. but then along came wicked, and, whaddaya know, it's made with a worsted weight and the short sleeved version calls for just 500 yards! and it's cute! I have 600 yards, so I think I'm going to make the sleeves just a bit longer - maybe an inch or two above the elbow. I just bought and downloaded the pattern last night and am really excited to get started! how many wips can I get going at once? I think I'm (unintentionally) going for some sort of record. it helps if I don't think about it.

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