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delurking time?

who knew? apparently, someone declared it to be delurking week! I found out from here. and then delurked! anyone else ready to come out of hiding? since I have not a creative thought in my head at the moment, I'm going to ask about consumables too:

what's your beverage of choice?

me? a nice, warm (not hot!) flat vanilla latte. doesn't matter how hot it is outside (or how many I'd already had that day), I can always go for one of these! I realize that since I like my lattes flat that there is no opportunity to really enjoy any nice latte art, but I'm always impressed with the art on other people's. drink up!

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  • Blogger  says so:
    2:14 PM  

    This is tough. Probably chocolate milk. I love hot chocolate, but it can get toasty here. Chocolate milk is like desert in a glass. AND I can control how chocolatey it is. :) top

  • Blogger Jenn says so:
    9:46 AM  

    Delurking to say hi!

    I could always go for plain black *good* hazelnut coffee.... mmmm or going the other direction, a good dry gin martini. :) top