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gas prices are on the rise...

and I know that this affects airfare, but come on, now... are we being serious here?

clicking on that link led me to this. apparently, these flights offer connecting service. how delightful! I hope they connect through places like paris and maybe beijing and also tahiti, perhaps. and I hope each of those layovers are about a week long. in which case, what a bargain! sign me up! or maybe these flights are flights for one, where there's a whole staff of people on board to pamper you, and maybe an espresso bar and a hot tub and a masseuse to make sure you are having an enjoyable flight experience. and yarn! lots and lots of yarn. yum! a hot tub filled with yarn! a hot tub made of yarn! a masseuse made of yarn! and yarn! yarn! yarn! yarn!

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  • Anonymous wendy says so:
    2:53 PM  

    a hot tub made of yarn would be weird. and it'd make you all fuzzy. top

  • Blogger Traci says so:
    3:30 PM  

    Soooo....what you're saying is...you like yarn? No. Wait. You LOVE yarn? Just wanted to make sure I read that right.

    And seriously? $1100+ for a 45 minute flight to LA? Are they on crack? top

  • Anonymous paul says so:
    9:18 PM  

    do u know you're nuts? top