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what the may?

it's may already? does this mean we already did march and april? where has the time gone? this is turning out to be an even sadder knitting year than 2005. I'm going to try not to whine about it too much, because, really, I brought it upon myself.

but I've been making constant progress on the shawl - slow, but steady... I am confident that this will be done before I know it. I just have to stop thinking about it so hard. I'm about a row or two from finishing off my first ball of yarn, which, ignoring the fact that it took forever to get here, is pretty exciting, isn't it? judging from how much I was able to get out of one ball, I think I'm going to be using about 5... maybe. we'll see how it looks when we get there. this means I've got (probably) 20% done! yay!

I'll have plenty of knitting time coming up since I'm going to be spending many an hour in front of the tv in the coming weeks. all those commercials about ALL NEW EPISODES!!! have got me pretty dang excited. I will be sad when they all go on summer vacation, but I'm actually rather looking forward to all that free time. the weather is getting so nice too! I spent more time outdoors this weekend than I have in months and maybe the color might be thinking about coming back to my legs sometime soon. otherwise, look out world, get some sunglasses, quick!

I made a banana bread muffin sampler last night. we got some plains, some walnutted and some chocolate chipped. there is a lot of banana bread in my house - I've got quite the knack for not finishing bananas before they get dangerously close to rotting. luckily, nasty blackened bananas turn into yummy banana bread!

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  • Anonymous Miko says so:
    5:06 PM  

    I share your exact sentiments re: May's unexpected arrival. Where is 2006 going?

    The banana sampler looks yummy! I usually reserve four bananas and forbid anyone from eating them (okay, just Dean), just so I can make one beautiful loaf of banana bread. top

  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    5:12 PM  

    i found your blog via the asian knitters ring (i'm on it too).. only to realize that you might be running with the HOC crowd in the bay area (i saw wendy's picture with your felted bag and was like, whoa, i know that girl!) =) anyways, you've made some really cool stuff - nice blog! top

  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    12:42 AM  

    thanks for the comment on my blog! i emailed you back (i get email-notifications of blog comments) only to get it returned because there was no email address.. haha. anyways, i think i may know the same peggy (in davis now, right?) and cindy... not sure. but you can ask wendy about me... ask her about "ruth cheng" (that's my maiden name) =) i may be a different ruth from who you're thinking of... i think. =P top

  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    12:45 AM  

    oh WAIT... (sorry for cluttering up your comments section) i just realized... are you the girl who has been teaching some of the 5th HOC guys how to knit?? natasha was telling me about that and one time i visited her, i was semi-monitoring archie's progress... what he was doing with what yarn and what size needle etc... haha top

  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    11:31 AM  

    yea - i'm a different ruth probably - sorry haha. you might have me mixed up with another ruth at 3rd home. anyways, your pictures of your daughter are ADORABLE! top

  • Blogger keohinani says so:
    5:49 PM  

    mmmm....banana bread.... top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:39 AM  

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