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I know I've got commitment issues, but, come on now. I swear I've had the same projects going on since the beginning of time and my progress is sooo slloooowww that if I blink, they actually get smaller. but, unfortunately, they never disappear. they just get small enough to make me sad, but still stay big enough to make me feel guilty. and I keep wanting to make other stuff! it just isn't right!

and I almost feel like I should stop reading other knitblogs, because I keep seeing new things I want to make. I so want to participate in the orangina kal and I am getting this terrible I-want-to-knit-socks itch. prompted greatly by this. hello! how cute would isa and I be if we had matching socks?? so cute that people might actually start passing out as we walk by. we'd have to wear signs that say "caution! do not look at our feet!" or, we could just wear these awesome shirts that the boys bought for us. these were a thank-you for the knitting lessons from way back when.

btw, one of those boys, who is still knitting months after the fact, recently scored himself a girlfriend. I take full credit for this, of course. the new girlfriend is a crocheter and when my friend started to knit, he suddenly had an excuse to hang out with her and visit yarn stores, which, no doubt, led to hand holding and, most likely, smooching. he said that when they get married, he'll make sure that I get to stand up for them. I think he means out in the hallway, handing out programs.

I totally digress. what was I getting at? oh, right, my complete, utter lack of knitting discipline. I must focus and finish at least one project before I'm even allowed to entertain the thought of starting another. I must tame my wayward heart. with a whip. made of yarn. teehee.

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