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a new beginning

no, I didn't cast on for any new projects this weekend. that would have been great fun, though! and a welcome distraction from lots of stuff. but, what I did do was (finally!) rip out the inch or two of magic loop sleeve that I'd done on the sweater who secretly never wants to be finished and made an executive decision to knit it flat and seam it up instead of attempting to knit it in the round. I came to the conclusion that I knit tighter in the round than in-the-flat and that it would take much more time and precious brain power (which I'm quickly running out of) to attempt to get gauge at this point than just doing it flat. as much as I hate seaming, it appeared to be the logical choice. I thought about doing both sleeves at once, but then I remembered that I have to do all those damn stripes and it would just be too big of a mess to deal with.

so! all that to say I've got a whopping 3 rows of sleeve #1 done last night during grey's anatomy. not much, but things should be pretty smooth sailing from here. at least until I have to do the edging - I don't even want to think about how many stitches I'm going to have to pick up and/or whether or not I have any needles long enough to fit them all. but before I even get there, I'm also looking at how much (little!) dark green I have left and hoping that it will make it through both sleeves. should I get another skein now, for insurance? or just hope and pray that I can make it?

in other knitting news, the shawl is moving along at a leisurely pace and I'm liking the pattern more and more as I go along. and the ksh is pure yum! it's so soft... I can't wait to have it done so I can wrap myself up in it and go to sleep. I mean, go to some weddings. whatever. if I didn't have a baby in tow 90% of the time I left the house, I would totally take this out with me everywhere. except, knowing me, I'd probably get like bbq sauce or melted chocolate on it and then I'd be really sad.

all other knitting projects have been temporarily (and some probably permanently) abandoned. I wish I could be working on butterfly, but it seems as though I can only focus (and pretty badly, at that) on two projects at once these days.

also, one of my old college roomies was in town this weekend from michigan, so another college buddy and I took her and her husband out to play. here's isa saying "ok, mom! I'm ready to go!"

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  • Blogger Ruth says so:
    5:03 PM  

    ooh, i like your baby sweater picture! can't wait to see it all finished. =) top

  • Anonymous dorcas says so:
    10:48 PM  

    such a cute girl... :) I love that inquisitive look on her face. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:39 AM  

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